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Whether you’re a seasoned trader or you’re a trading novice, few factors will be more important to your success than the quality of the education and information you receive.

The First Index Academy brings you videos, ebooks and tutorials taught, written and explained by some of the world’s leading traders. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to master the most sophisticated trading strategy, or just taking the first steps on your trading journey. Our experts can teach you everything you need to reach the next level.

Start your trading journey the right way

Want to know how to get started as a trader? Keen to learn the foundation trading strategies and tactics that traders around the world base their decisions on? Or just confused by trading terminology? Our introductory videos give you everything you need to start trading, including explaining simple trading terms, analyzing the pros and cons of trading different asset classes and demonstrating basic trading strategies.

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Master any trading strategy

Not every trading strategy can be learned immediately. But that doesn’t mean they should be impossible to grasp either. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s trading course or an in-depth tutorial on a specific sophisticated trading strategy, we have the right course to help you master it. After all, our instructors are expert teachers as well as expert traders.

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The most sophisticated insights explained simply

Too often trading strategies and techniques become impenetrable – not because they’re too difficult to learn but simply because they’re explained poorly. We cut through the industry jargon, complex language and unnecessary noise to bring you the practical, simple guides that will help you become a better trader.

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