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Get the latest international market news, including feature articles and daily reports from Asia, Europe and the US. We also bring you a weekly global trading forecast, as well as a market recap every Monday and Friday.

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Access a brief market summary of frequently traded assets from around the globe. Our market signals track and analyse key indicators to give you an immediate snapshot of where an asset stands. You can also choose to have this data pushed directly to your trading account.

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Get a summary of the key data and announcements that are likely to impact on your trades, including market expectations and our own analysis of what’s likely to happen. This includes Federal and Reserve Bank announcements, official unemployment statistics, business and consumer sentiment data and more.

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Charts analysis

See the full picture on movements, trends and microtrends with our industry-leading charts analysis. We provide a visual snapshot of price movements in all the world’s most traded currency pairs, as well as important indexes and commodities.

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Want to know what the day’s trading really means? Our experts give you their take on what’s happening in the world’s markets, as well as tips and advice on what to expect next.

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