Making money mirroring the trades of CFD masters

Imagine if you could be making world-leading calls the very moment you started
CFD trading? That’s the premise behind First Index Mirror Trader.

Mirror Trader lets you automatically duplicate trades executed by some of the world’s most successful CFD traders. So, you can start trading exactly the same way as the best of them even if you’ve never traded before.

Stay on top of the world’s largest and fastest-moving market

Your first steps into trading Forex may seem like daunting ones. After all, Forex is easily
the world’s most traded asset and small movements in currency values can have a profound effect on your trade.

On top of that the Forex market never sleeps, so you have the opportunity to make or lose money around the clock.

Mirror Trading helps you stay on top of the world’s biggest market and execute effective trades even when you’re not actively monitoring what’s going on.

Greater choice means you’re always covered

Mirror Trader is different to AlgoTrader because it’s not pre-programmed to execute trades but to mirror a particular trading strategy as it’s implemented by a real life trader. To this end, we’ve hand picked more than one hundred CFD trading strategies developed by – and being implemented by – elite traders from around the world.

That means no matter what currencies you want to trade or how you want to trade them we have you covered.

You’ll also have the opportunity to support your currency trading by trading other assets including stock, commodities and indexes on the same platform.

The chance to reduce risk

Mirror Trader can potentially help you reduce risk in your trading by running multiple strategies. In other words, you can set your account up to execute different trades, trading different currencies with different objectives. That way you can avoid having all of your eggs
in one basket.

Mirror Trader can also help take the emotion out of trading and reduce the chance that you’ll get carried away with a trade. It can also help you trade around the clock so that you never miss an opportunity.

Start using Mirror
Trader today

The easiest way to see how Mirror Trader works is to try the demo. You’ll also get a feel for how to trade in real time without having to put any of your own money on the line.

Try the demo now