Forex trading

Join the world’s biggest trading market

Many of the world’s serious traders often trade foreign exchange, or Forex.

Because there are so many currency buyers and sellers around the globe, this can make it easy to enter and exit a trade rapidly – often in less than seconds.

Making money in the market that never sleeps

The benefits of trading in such a vast market don’t start and end with the speed at which you can trade. There is also the opportunity to trade around the clock.

The Forex trading world stretches from Sydney to New York, so there’s always a market open to trade on. So you can easily fit Forex trading around your day job or other commitments.

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Trading that can reward big picture thinking

When you trade Forex, you trade currency pairs or the value of one currency compared to another. This means you need to have an understanding of the relationship between two economies, as well as the underlying policies, data and statistics that can affect the value of a nation’s currency.

Instead of needing a working knowledge of a particular business, you have the opportunity to make a call based on information that’s freely available and in the public domain.

The potential for greater gains through leverage

Forex trading allows you the potential for using greater leverage than share trading. In other words, you only have to provide a fraction of the full amount that you want to trade.

This frees up your capital so you can execute other trades. It also means you also have the potential for greater gains when your trade goes well. But you’ll also lose more if a trade goes against you, therefore it must be used prudently.

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The choice of two industry-leading platforms

When you trade Forex with First Index, we give you the choice of using two of the best forex trading platforms available today, including the opportunity to trade on the world’s leading Forex trading platform, MT4.

We also offer First Index Pro Trader, which combines currency trading with share and commodity trading, as well as the chance to trade other assets.

Helping you become a Forex trading pro

Trading Forex with First Index means you never have to search too hard for the information you need or execute your trades flying blind.

We provide you with the data, insights and education you need to make a better decision. We also help you learn the trading strategies and techniques practised by the world’s leading traders – both through online education at the First Index Academy and in person at your local First Index branch.

Start your Forex trading journey today

Getting started in Forex trading begins by downloading the demo. You’ll get a practical view of exactly what’s involved, as well as the chance to practise Forex trading, without needing to put any money on the line.

Otherwise, if you have any questions about Forex trading, speak to a First Index consultant or visit your nearest First Index branch.

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