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You’re always on the front foot with the world’s leading trading platform

The market moves fast. So when it comes to trading, little things can make a big difference. That’s the premise behind the world’s leading trading platform, MT4.

As a First Index trader, you’ll have the opportunity to harness the power of the same secure online trading platform the world’s top traders use. You’ll also receive the support and education you need to make the most of all it has to offer.

The platform built for all traders

Unlike most trading platforms, MT4 has been built with a range of CFD traders in mind. That means you’ll find it as intuitive, responsive and easy to use regardless of whether you’re making your first trade or your four millionth.

In fact, MT4 is so simple to use that you’ll get a clear view of what’s happening in the market from the very moment you login.

A fully-fledged trading platform in the palm of your hand

Forget the days where trading meant sitting in front of a computer terminal for hours on end. MT4 also comes as a mobile app, so you can stay on top of the market and execute any order wherever you are.

Available for Android, iOS and Windows, MT4 mobile gives you all the main features of the desktop version. It also gives you access to your historical trades and, as your trading grows and becomes more complex, lets you quickly see where you stand on every order all the time.

Everything you need to trade in one place

Whether your trade is simple or complex, MT4 gives you everything you need to execute it effectively. Live streaming data and charts keep you on top of every price movement. A range of order functions give you the option of executing orders instantly or to pre-setting a trade to happen only once a currency reaches an agreed level.

Best of all, an intuitive and trader-centric dashboard lets you see everything you need at a glance. So, no matter how fast the market moves you’ll not miss a beat. You can even implement strategies automatically. And to support your Forex trades, you can also trade commodities, and CFDs from the same powerful platform.

Industry-leading data to keep you ahead of the game

MT4’s data sets it apart from any other platform on the market. Its advanced charting capabilities let traders keep trading while simultaneously analysing the state of market. Personalise your charts so that you quickly see the information you want, while unimportant data fades into the background.

As you grow as a trader, you’ll be able to customise every aspect of the platform so that each part of it perfectly supports the way you trade.

Start trading with Meta Trader 4

The easiest way to get a feel for MT4 is to download the demo today. That way you’ll see exactly how it works and even start executing your own trades without putting any of your money on the line.

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